Rag nar Rok

how do I fulfill the prophecy? I got all 4 god's on the field + ygg, what else do I need? do they really have to stay close like in 'all connected by ygg'

look at the ladder board 2b survive time 😂😂😂

I am having issues figuring it out as well.

"Connected" sounds like holding the branches for their elements. Then it says a challenge creep will initiate rag nar rok

yeah figured that out too, feeling kinda stupid bout this post rn

I killed naglfar or w/e it was called. Didnt notice any kind of change to the game or reward, apart from the coins u gain. Is this intended? There's only a point in using rag nar rok once?

I'm not sure. It seems like Naglfar drops extra items. I also wonder what happens if Naglfar leaks. Does rag nar rok mean you lose? Or maybe it triggers Vir?