Randomly random randomness

Hello all. First let me start out by saying that I really like this game. I’ve been playing it for a while back before we had multiple boards and the hoardratic(sp.) cube was the only way to transmute. It is in my top 3 mobile tower defense games and probably top 5 mobile games period. That being said, I have two issues with this otherwise amazing game. The first, smaller, issue is with the scepter of time. I may be alone here, but I absolutely hate everything about this card lol. Why is it that changing the speed can’t just be an option in the game? There are times where I just really don’t want to sit through the early grind of the game as it sometimes goes very slowly. I’ve played games in the past where I had it wait until past wave 150 to get it. I think that’s a bit extreme for an item which only does something that is a standard option in most TD games. On top of that, now that we can transmute unique and legendary cards, it’s crazy that you can’t just choose not to use it and sacrifice for a chance at a potion. Now on to my big issue, which I’m sure you can guess from the title. There is entirely too much of this game that is left up to chance. I’ve actually stopped playing this game twice because of the frustration that this causes. It’s such A fun (when you are lucky) and well-made game that I just can’t stay away. That being said, the towers are random, the creeps are random, whether or not you get a drop is random, what drop you get is random, some of the attacks are random. On top of that, some of the things I just mentioned have more randomness attached to them (ie. The Twisted common tower that I can’t remember the name of). This gets extremely frustrating when trying to figure out and implement new strategies. I’ll give a couple examples that happened to me recently. I was trying out a wolf run. I started the game with a wolf. I didn’t get my second wolf tower until around wave 70. I like to start every game with the Baby Rabbit. I started and backed out of 10 straight games in which I just was not given a Baby Rabbit. Last example, I did a run (300 waves) where the plan was to progress my carry from Baby Rabbit to Electric Chair to The Ripper. The first time I did it, I got to 995 seconds in the bonus round but It didn’t occur to me to build the Abyss King until about round 250. I replaced a Scientist that I was using to feed my Dark Forge. I chose to do the same run again, this time planning to build Abyss King earlier. The first retry I got all of my towers that I needed but not the right items/potions. I’ve tried 2 more times and each time I can’t even make it back to the bonus round. Having everything be random makes the game more about luck than skill imo as you can have a strategy work amazingly one run, then it not work several times thereafter. Is there any way Andy can implement either a sandbox mode or a mode where tower selection is more like other TD games where you have access to every tower as long as you could afford it? (These would exclude unique/legendaries of course) Maybe some type of strategizer skill or more than one card being picked with Deck Master skill would work. Sorry for the long rant and I hope nobody takes this post the wrong way.

Hi! First, thanks for your feedback and sharing your experiences with the game. For the scepter of time: Did you try the Time Master skill? It allows you to have the scepter in your starting hand. Also, I really understand your feelings about the randomness of tower drops. Actually, the reason why it is done this way is that every game should be different and players will need to improvise with the stuff they get. I know this feels a bit odd (and I made the same experience a few times when I wanted to try a certain strategy). But in the end it happened I came up with something completely different... I could imagine something like a new map, where you enter the game with a custom deck of tower cards and no tower drops. For instance, you are allowed to take a deck of X tower cards with you, no tower drops in the game. A pure sandbox mode might become boring pretty fast in the long run.

Thanks for the reply Andy!!! I have seen the Time Master skill. I haven't used it yet, but is this basically saying that the option will just never be in game? I understand the improvisation. Again, I love the game. But with the way you balanced everything, I really don't think that just changing how we get towers would ruin the experience. I've had runs where I had every tower that I felt I needed but didn't have the right combo of potions/items. I was still forced to improvise. I love the new map idea. It would be great if you implemented this. I agree sandbox mode would present much less of a challenge, but it could be just to work on strategy and not contribute to the ladder? Again, thanks for replying. I know how hard it is to create such a game and as balanced as things are in relation to each other you can't just go and change things willy nilly.

I believe he's saying if you're wanting to help blitz through the game a bit quicker, there's an option to drop three or four points in to Time Master to guarantee you'll start with the Sceptor. So, on the one hand, I agree about the randomness. I've been a very vocal opponent of the random nature of the Forge becoming completely pointless (I've been playing for months waiting on Seelenreiser, the Knight Hero or the Blood Demon, still don't have even one of any). That's one area of the game where I'd like to see an alternative of chance. Could you imagine an RPG where every quest had a large chance to provide you absolutely nothing? It would suck all the inspiration out of you. Now, as for the actual gameplay itself, I tend to agree with Andy on that one. I've done games where it seems like EVERYTHING is out to get you, and managing to claw back a win from that can be absolutely amazing. As a Darkness guy, I totally get your frustration. I've had multiple runs fail because I simply couldn't get ANYTHING to help me out. But it's still better than gameplay where I know what to do, every time. Imagine playing Bloons if it only had a few maps. You'd just be doing the same thing over and over. It'd be awful. I agree too, the new map ideas sound fun. I would assume it wouldn't contribute to ladder, as it would be an utterly broken advantage if it did.

AS I am on my my phone again I keep this short. I like the randomness. Take it out and it would get more boring. Adding a sandbox is a nice idea but no quests and ladder for it or else the normal mode will be abandoned.