Reconnecting account

Hey, I played this game wayyyyy too much on my old phone and have checked the blog about once a month since I stopped (after reaching top 20 on a few of the bonus survival time rankings) hoping the game would get some updates. I saw your post that you are going to try and work on something new for it and so I want to get back into the swing of the game for when that happens. The problem is I didn't email link the account. My account name was trogdor and it still is now but I don't have my levels or cards. Can you re-link my account? My cousin (MrPickles) and I spent so much time going through strategies to get the longest runs possible and if there is anything we can do to support more content let me know. We are happy to beta test anything you may have when it gets to that point. Thanks for the amazing game and I hope for even more in the near future. -trogdor

I was rank 436 / lvl 89 .

Hey hey, thanks for the kind words and glad you and your cousin enjoyed the game so much. That's very kind - for the upcoming multiplayer I'd really appreciate some beta testers :-) I found your old account in the db. You should be able to continue playing with your old account by using your latest savecode. This means the level 2 trogdor is hereby invalidated. Let me know if this works out as planned and have fun! Cheers Andy

Thanks Andy. I'm up and running now. Thanks for resetting that for me. I will keep an eye out on the forum for anything you may need feedback on or if a beta is available to test! Thanks again, Greg (trogdor)

Nice, I will keep you updated as soon as I have something to play with. Right now it's still quite a lot to do. But the network code prototype works, I've been able to play a smooth LAN game with two android devices and a macbook :-)

wow i hope you keep that LAN(offline via wifi) mode with online at the same time

Yes, the LAN mode will stay for sure! :-)