Recover of account

Hi admin . I have my account on this phone last time . but i stop playing for about 9 months or so . And today i just tried to re-install the apps and my wizard profile is gone . tried using the " forget code feature " and key in my emails . it says its not the right email . Can you please help me ? as i really dont want to restart everything again . My profile name is Skav . Thanks

Hi skav! I think I found your account in the database. Unfortunately there are two players with that name. Do you remember if you registered an email address? I got an caibao92@****.com address. Looking at the address explains why the recovery didn't work.. I guess there is an uppercase issue that I should fix on the server side... Anyways I sent an email to the specified address! Let me know if this worked out! Cheers Andy

Thanks admin . its my email . its weird that is stated that there is no profile connected to my email . I used the code you mail to me and it works .

That's great to hear! I think the problem is that I'm doing the email check case sensitive. So if you entered initially andy@Mazebert.com and for recovery you type andy@mazebert.com it will fail. Which is totally nonesense! Already filed a ticket for me to correct this behavior. Thanks for pointing me to that issue.

Hey Andy could u email me my save code I just got a new phone and don't remember it.

Hey gibby, you find your save code if you click on your forum profile and choose edit. At the very bottom you find your save code. Cheers!