Recovering old account

Hi, I've just found the game again having played it many moons ago (6 years to be precise!). I can't seem to access my old account however (the password just wouldn't work and I couldn't figure out how to reset the password). Is there any way I can get back in? I know my character name and the attached email address. Also, how would I make this affect the game? I can't see anywhere to login in the game?

I think you already created a new account. Can you send me a mail (andy@mazebert.com) with the name/ email of your old account? Iā€˜d then merge the progress of your old account into your current.

Done! So glad I've rediscovered the game šŸ˜

I've merged your old account into this one. Wow, you were the 371st player who created an account. That's a long time ago! So welcome back :-)

Thanks Andy! Yes one of the first ones and amazed to see how well the game has progressed!

Sad you missed the times we had Season 1 running xD just hanging around waiting for Season 2 ^^