Release 1.6

Release 1.6 is available for download on Google Play, Apple App Store or on Windows! Don't forget to visit the Black Market this weekend. A new legendary card will wait for you there. The black market guy was so excited about the new release that he dropped the price to 50 relics! There's a lot of other new stuff in this version:

Multiplayer support (Beta)

You can now defeat the evil creeps together! To make this happen I've rewritten the entire game from scratch. CAUTION The internals of the game work completely different now, so please finish all games before upgrading, you won't be able to resume them with the new version. Multiplayer is still in beta, so please bare with it :-) That said, I've successfully played hours of coop matches and it mostly worked out fine. Crossplay is fully supported, so it does not matter if your friends are playing on Android, iOS or Windows. There are currently some limitations to be aware of:
  • No matchmaking, no audio chat. SnoreFox was so kind to let us on his Discord server to compensate for that.
  • A technique called UDP hole punching is used, which probably won't work for most cellular networks. WiFi is the recommended way to play.
  • Two players are max right now
Hope you'll give the multiplayer mode a try. I certainly will as long as I'm not busy fixing bugs :-)

New daily quests

To celebrate the new release there's a new quest for winning a coop game together. And the cool thing is that both players will get the reward afterwards! Also, there's a new quest for beating hard difficulty granting an extremly high reward.

New blackmarket cards

Two new cards made it to the current black market rotation. I think they will open up interesting new build possibilities:


This tower should bring Nature back in the game. Brace yourself, Darkness!

Balancing adjustments

  • It's no longer possible to play with all three elements at once, you must choose two
  • Amount of rounds is no longer chosen per skill, it's a built in option instead
  • Drop rate was significantly nerfed (around 25% less)
  • Drop quality was significantly nerfed (it's no longer granted that all possible unique/legendary cards will drop in a 200 wave game)


  • Scepter of Time has no negative effect on amount of attacks anymore
  • Damage over time is now calculated correctly and DoT kills are rewared to the correct tower (heya, Frog and Solara)
  • Knusperhexe can eat revive mass creeps again without crashing the game
  • A LOT MORE actually... And I might have added new ones during my rewrite. Please share if you're running into bugs, so I can fix them!
Have fun!!!

when trying to load a game i got this error: "Error: Oh shit, we have a dsync during loading. Expected: -1791210489, actual: 132561663(My turn: 25200, theirs: 25200" i created a new game and got the error too when loading it, but now it works for the new game, but not for the older one

Thanks for reporting, and sorry about the dsync! Dsync usually is a bug I'm afraid.. So the game calculated somthing differently when playing to when loading. If I could look at the game file I would probably be able to figure out what caused the bug. What device are you playing on?

no problem, I'm playing on a Xiaomi Redmi Note 4, Android 7.0

Thanks! I will create a release this weekend that will allow send those faulty games to my backend, so that I can debug and fix it.

Alright, I could reproduce and fix this bug. Will be part of the next bugfix release (probably tomorrow). Thanks for reporting and sorry! I ran in the same bug while testing and it certainly does not feel great. Cheers!

i wasn't very far into the game, so it wasn't too bad for me and don't worry, bugs happen, especially after such a huge update :)

Thanks! I've uploaded a bugfix release for android and windows right now, so if you're playing on those platforms you should be able to continue this game now :-)

Hi Andy, I encountered a bug when equipping Solara, The Fire Elemental with Messerschmidt's Reaver. forgot to ScreenShot but it will Error and Exit then when play again same again. but if you remove the item it will be Okay. BTW im using iPhone 7plus. Nice to be Back! and Great Game Andy!

Thanks for reporting and welcome back! I've fixed this bug today, will be included in the next iOS release. Cheers!

Also i noticed i'm unable to gain exp/level up (stuck at 4232 exp). The exp bar fills up to the end during a game and that's it, but if i start a new game, the bar is back in the original state

Oh, you need to wait until the end of the game. At the victory / lost screen there is a button to submit the game to the ladder. There the game is then validated and xp/quests are granted. If you haven't done it yet, you can simply load those games again. The screen should then show up once more.

oh okay, didn't know that. Last time I played (a few months ago i think) it wasn't like that yet :) anyway all is fine now

Yeah that came with the new version :-)

Does Solara still do burn? Looking at her tower screen, burn damage is listed as "?"

I appreciate the work put in. It's good to have a reason to pick this gem back up. I haven't played in a bit and I'm certainly not a chart topping player, but those nerfs to item drop and quality kill my ability to complete a map. Any chance the nerfs are going away?

I was wondering if the issue with balus passive not becoming faster with attack speed is fixed?

@TerryCat yeah, its just the visual missing. I've fixed it now. Thanks!

@q I will think about something for the next release! Still looking into it, but I believe I've done something unintentional about less initial game drops. But yeah, I'm aware of the problem.

@InfamousAmoe yep this is fixed now!

Thanks, and thanks again for all of your hard work. The game is looking amazing.

Hey Andy I have found a bug that could be exploited for super high leaderboard rank. When using the dungeon door that spawns treasure goblins periodically it will sometimes freeze the game indefinitely until the next wave button is pressed. During this freeze baki continues cuddling so of you just leave it this way he can stack up infinite damage.


Heya, thanks for reporting this. This is fixed in todays release.