Request for unlock code

I reset my tablet and lost my account. I recreated CelestialHell but I did not get my level back so now I have a level 59 and a level 37. Please assist with retrieving the unlock code for my level 59 the grind back up is almost unbearable.

Hey! I just checked your profiles in the database. I invalidated your old account and added the experience to your new one! I noticed that you already registered an email address with your new account :-) Still attached your account to your forum profile, just to be sure it won't be lost again! Have fun and happy building! PS: I just noticed that your playing at the moment :-D So your XP is resetted during the round updates. Will check back later and update your XP when you are offline. The next time you start the game and it synchronizes in the main menu, the XP will be updated correctly.

Updated the XP. Next time you check back in the main menu, it should be synchronized!

How long should it take to update the xp? I will stop playing for a while to see if that helps.

hey i forgot before i had a MRDRR character an then i had to reinstall everything on my phone i and got a dual acc, i never tried to retrieve it so if you want you can delete my old one i think its on rank 2000-2500 something, my current is on 873 and lvl 65, they are both named MRDRR but i guess someone would enjoy to gain 1 rank if you delete the old one as i dont need it anymore and i have a new savecode, and for safeteys sake i added it to my account here on so i wont have to start over again =) ty and peace //

@CelestialHell: I updated the XP again. Can you please try to close the app completely and start it again? Then, in the main menu wait for the sync to complete. After opening your wizard profile it should be updated. @MRDRR: Wanted to do the same for your accounts, but could only one player named MRDRR in the database.

okey then i guess nothing is wrong =) ty