Save Code / Ladder key

If I changed device or reset/lost my cellphone, how to retrieve save code and ladder key,also my username/wizard name to other cellphone. Sorry for my English. And fix the reset wave with the main menu to resume game.

Check your forum user settings, where you entered your savecode for showing people your stats.

Wizard name and stats come with the save code.

What if someone never added it there? I can't find it in my profile at all.

Is save code same as password? Because if someone know my save code he/she can play it on her device. Or if I have 2 device I can dual play it to gain x2 exp in ladder.

Can anyone give me a way to get this? I'm not willing to start over....

In the app when you press 'Ladder' in the main menu, your savecode is listed. You can put it in your forum profile, too, if you like :-) It's a good way to prevent loosing it! @GrandKnight yes you can play on multiple devices using your savecode. It's also a good idea to keep the code private. I mean, there are no sensitive information behind it, but still..