Skip Round

I think I know what this is, but its a little confusing. The skipping rounds is the button in the bottom right? Which doesn't really skip the round it just moves the next round up so there inlies the confusion I have with it. Its just a way to make the next wave come at you now instead of waiting for the existing wave to be killed then the 5 second timer. Is this accurate? Seems pretty simple and basic. Also is there any benefit to skipping rounds? I haven't found any other then a little bit of a time saver in the beginning rounds since theres no fast foward button, or 2x 4x speed. Would love to maybe see in the future options to increase game speed instead of waiting on the Sceptre of time item which is a big help..earliest I got it was wave 120ish, wish could carry over some items to the next game or towers..imagine carrying over from game to game a Mr. Iron.. The concept is sort of like in some RPG games where you retire your character but are allowed to pass down 1 item to your new character to help them out in the beginning like a grandfathering thing.

Yes your summary of the next wave button is correct. Currently the only use of it (besides saving time) is with the impatience's wrath set bonus. Actually my goal with the game (especially early-mid game) is to make it so entertaining that a speedup is actually not needed. That's why I set the item level of the scepter quite high, so that it drops end of mid-game to start of end-game. I'm not that sure if it is needed anymore, now that the amount of waves is fixed to 200. But I might be wrong here and a speedup is quite welcome after some time. What about a player skill, which grants you the scepter of time when you start a game? Cause letting the player choose item to take to the next game would be quite hard to balance out. Consider taking some of those very strong uniques :-) Anyways, I will keep this in mind for one of the next polls on the site! Cheers!

I really like the idea of having the sceptre in the beginning because I actually like seeing real time mid/end game especially with the wrath set because I find it too easy to miss the timing between shots with the wrath set.