Skull of Darkness dropchance

Does anybody know what is the chance of getting the Skull of Darkness via Forge? I just finished my second 500 waves game and no Skull :( I think i had a Lvl99 Forge with 80% Luck on wave 200-250 in both runs.

I just wonder whether the skull is in the drop list. My Forge with 169 Luck over 100 waves and carry with 1753% item chance did not get Skull neither.

Just did a 500 round with maxed forge and never saw the skull either.

Wouldn't it be hilarious if the skull item was just a placebo? "LOOK AT THIS AWESOME THING YOU UNLOCKED! YOU'LL NEVER SEE IT."

I fear this is indeed the case. In the current version, the dark forge is not able to drop legendary items (which is because the forge tower from a time where no legendaries did exist). Now, the skull is, in fact, a legendary and will never drop. Sorry I didn't catch this for this release! Always tested with the skull added to the inventory, never thought about there might be an issue with the forge itself. Trying to release a hotfix for this (plus a few other things reported for this version) as soon as possible.