Some questions about "On Attack" effects

1. Does the scarface Burst ability count each additional shot as an actual additional attack?, I'm wondering if it's able to trigger additional applications of *on attack* artifact abilities, such as the withered Set (+3% stacking damage amplification) 2a. "On Attack effects" do they only affect the primary target, or do some apply on splash effects ? 2b. Does on attack effects trigger on all attacks for towers like Mr Iron who has more then one primary target (same with baby rabbit). 3. Does M.Reaver work on each attack from multi hitting towers like Mr Iron ? 4. Does Painting of Solea, trigger before or after "On Attack Effects": Does a missed attack just mean that it does no damage, but other effects still apply (such as slow and so forth), or does it negate the entire attack including "On Attack Effects" ?

#3 MR hits with all hits from rabbit etc. It triggers when you deal dmg, not when your char attacks. #4 Panting of solea is triggered on Attack and not on Hit. So the trigger on Attack runs before hit, so the on hit triggers just get the "miss" input and get skipped. #2 Depends if they are on hit or Attack triggers. Shadow e.x. can adapt on every hit (So good farm on Mass Chal. waves). Same goes for withering set i think. It works with Splash/MR. #1 I'm not sure about this one. I think it doesnt work without a MR equipped and then only on the "primary" target. But never bothered to try. You have to wait for Andys reply. All questions answered to the best of my knowledge, might be wrong ^^'