Some Rookie Questions

hello, mazeberts! I am pretty new to this game so please forgive any stupid questions :) First of all, I love this game! Especially, because it seems to be a lot smarter than me! It took me AGES to be able to pass the first 100 waves. :D And I have been playing TD games for years. But I have never played any TD that was as complex as this one, and the often-related-to YouTD I saw mentioned here for the first time. Anyway, my main problem was that I had no idea it could be a good thing to have only one tower be the big hitter with all other towers being comparedly weak. I learned that by now, thanks to this great forum and the awesome tutorials by Jhoijhoi and Nillo. Thumbs up! One major problem with this game, at least for me, is that so many of the numerous facets, mechanics and features of the game are a complete mistery to me. I am aware that you cannot put all the information a total newbie would need into two sentences on a tower/potion/item card, but even after browsing this forum for a long time, there are still a lot of questions remaining for me. so here we go: - auras does range extension (by helm of hades or the special fields on scattered plains) extend aura effects as well? I.e., would a ganesha on that scattered plains super spot buff and be buffed by towers in 4 range? Or, would a herbwitch's cauldron's speed buff be extended to two fields range if the tower was wearing hades' helm? - scarecrow Not sure if I understood how the crow's being on the run and coming back to land on him works.. so he has 3 crows; when there is a creep aproaching, do all three crows attach that creep? or only one, and the other two wait for the next two creeps? with 3 creeps in range, are all being attacked at the same time? And what about that "charging", people relate to here in the forum? does that mean that once a creep is dead or out of range, the crow HAS TO come back to scarecrow, before it can attack the next creep, even if that next creep is already in range? And that is what is meant by charging, because this takes time?? - Just to get it straight: When I replace a tower, the potions I have feed him stay active in the next tower as well, dont they? This goes for Iron man as well? Items that I build into him basically become potions and were I to replace him with a different tower, his, say, 8 built-in longbows continue to work in the next tower?? Did I get this right? I am asking because of a thread where (I think it was Manu) somebody reported a problem with Iron man healing all the creeps and having to replace them, which in that case appearantly meant saying good bye to all built-in items. That sounded weird to me, as I thought, what is in, stays in! - wolfpack wolfskin cloaths are great! but have I observed correctly that only a real wolf can be the alpha wolf, gaining crit stats from the pack level? If I have a level 60 bear hunter sporting the wolf look and a level 30 real wolf, still the real wolf gets the crit stat gain..? yes? no? I am not quite sure about this. But in the beginning, I was really excited about the wolfskin (because except for like one time, I havent got the wolf to work properly) and thought I could just get a wolfpack without (or with less) wolves, especially making my main carry (normally shadow) the alpha wolf, but that didnt quite seem to work.. please clarify for me :) huli/muli: does huli stun?? it doesnt say anything about it on the card, but in the forum I have read it several times. Is the slipping on banana meant? if yes, how long is this effect, compared to beaver's and jilly's stun? and does muli also do this? also, once I build like three hulis and one muli at the same time (had some money and thought a change of strategy was a good idea - it wasnt) and noticed that none of the stupid hulis ate any bananas, resulting in super weak useless monkeys throwing bananas to muli. so, once muli is built, hulis actually stop eating bananas, thus stop developing their damage?? Even, when they have no creeps to attack and would have all the time in the world to eat a decent banana??? that is.. that sucks! I was never so convinced by this lot, but this definitely made my decision! Or did I do anything wrong? ahhh... I am pretty sure there was more.. Cant think about anything right now.. Maybe I have to go back to playing and the other questions will come up :) Terminology: what does aoc, cc, Thanks in advance! And, again, great job on this game!

Hey Chefgauner, welcome on board! Thank you for the heads up, and I'm really happy you enjoy the game mechanics and finding your way through the game. I will try to answer your questions as good as I can. Here we go.. Auras Nope, auras are not extended by Helm of Hades. Only the range of the tower, auras have a range independent of that tower-range. Scarecrow Whenever Scarecrow would fire a projectile (crow), there are two options a) A creep is in range - Scarecrow fires all crows towards any creeps it can reach b) No creep is in range - The crow stays on Scarecrow Potions / Items While potions stay permanently on the tower, consumed items by Mr. Iron don't. Wolfpack Apparently there is a bug with Wolfpack in the current release. I already have this on my list for the next one to fix. Right now it doesn't show its full potential, yet :-( Huli/Muli Yes, as soon as you build Muli, all Hulis become useless, because they supply him with bananas all the time. But Muli can get insanly drunk and strong on the other hand! Also, the slipped on banana is a little easter egg I added to all banana projectiles (huli / muli atm.), but they do in-fact stun for a little bit. Terminology AOE - Area of Effect, mostly used to describe splash damage range CC - Crit Chance CD - Crit Damage Hope that helps, and I'm glad you enjoy the game. Cheers Andy