the cooldown

Can we go faster than 0.1s cooldown?

Hi novask! Yes, the attack speed can get below 0.1, the UI however doesn't display values below 0.1 atm. The display accuracy will be adjusted in (hopefully) the next version, however. Cheers!

but i have gotten both my mr.iron married with shadow and both had 0 CD i just ate everything with iron and drank the potions for them both and it rocked they was minigunning everything even with M-Reaver i had 0 CD

Oh yeah, my mistake. The UI rounds the value to 1 digit after the comma. So as soon as you go below 0.05 CD it will display as 0.0!

Wouldn't it be easier to just display attacks per seconds? Would also be easier to predict the effects of attackspeed boosts

THe AS we have atm is the time 1 attack needs. So u can calculate it very easy: 0,3s = 3,3 Attacks per second. But u r right, aps would be better in the cause of seeing the effects of AS items

I know how it's calculated but multiplying is easier to do on the fly than dividing

Thanks guys, now i can think of new strategies with this. Another question: is there any max cooldown. Or the cap of cd? Like maybe 0.01s ? Or we can go as fast as we want? Like 10000% from basic cd 1s = 0.0001s ?? @andy thanks for making such a great (and confusing game) i just bought whisky for u. Cheers. He he he. I would buy the cookies and beer before, but each purchases i did, i got extra $1 payment -__- if only u made another option like "buy all for developer = $8" then i buy all 4 u. Sorry

The only cap on cooldown atm is the framerate / how fast the game can render. I currently have a ticket scheduled cause for very fast cooldowns this gives players with 60fps an advantage of players with 30fps or players with a game that lags in the endgame (or who use Scepter of Time!). In future, the cooldown and tower attacks will be calculated in a separate physics-like loop that always produces a fixed amount of iterations. The frequency of that loop will probably be 1/60s -> ~ 0.0166... @norvask Cheers man, thanks so much for your support! will have a drink on you later tonight ;-) Also, the fact that you have to pay $1 extra for every in-app really sucks. I wonder why this is happening. What type of payment method are you using? I googled a litte about this topic, but it seems there is nothing I can do on my end to help this.

Just an ideas 1. Give 'max' instead of '0' cd when the tower reach the maximum aspd (suited with the fps) --> so we dont need to feed the tower another speed potions anymore. 2. To reduce lag, add the option for 'hide' the critical and others skill notifications. In the survival game, my scarface is very annoying causes so much lag with his super critical. 3. OOT#1 Same request as in another thread to add the "swipe all" (maybe pops up if we long tap the card' for items & potions. --> in 5 hours game, i think i spent more than 1 hour just for swiping the potion and items. Lol 4. OOT#2 when we swiping the white and blue items&pots, its also annoying when the screen goes to the item&pots we created. So we need swipe left 1x and do the new creation again, and swipe left 1x and ... etc etc. Better if item creation like the yellow one. We dont need to swipe back to create new, just do the swipe up non stop. ~~> so much better if u add "swipe all" button of course. :3 @andy : abt the extra $1, when i ask my bank they said its from google play, and yea same thing happened before, in another game per purchases (which is true: really sucks). Same thing not happening if i buy stuff from online shop. I use credit card: mastercard . Well, the only solution is to add check list chart for the stuffs we want to buy from you. ~~> if someday you want to add the items. Here the transaction history: Transaksi KartuKredit --> (the $1 extra) 5481XXXXXXxxxx,IDR10.000,00 Tgl 2015-01-04 di GOOGLE *MARKETPLACEGOOGLE.COM/CH GBR Transaksi KartuKredit --> ( the purchase) 5841XXXXXXXXXXXX IDR60.888,00 Tgl 2015-01-04 di GOOGLE *Andreas HageGOOGLE.COM/CH GBR Maybe this extra charge is normal for each purchases from my country *sigh*

Hey norvask, thanks for the input. 1. Excellent suggestion! Created a ticket for that. What do you think about the following adjustments to cooldown display: Fastest cooldown: Display as '0.01s (min)' Slowest cooldown: Display as '60.0s (max)' Other cooldown: Display like now, e.g. '1.4s' 2. Good idea. Added a ticket to the backlog to offer such an option in the menu. 3. We're already working on the swipe all feature. Plus, there will be another addition by Brandon to improve the card decks even further! So stay tuned :-D Those stupid banks.. What's the purpose of a $1 in app, if you have to pay another $1 as transaction fee. So ridiculous!

1. Fastest cooldown: Display as ‘0.01s (min)’ Slowest cooldown: Display as ‘60.0s (max)’ Other cooldown: Display like now, e.g. ‘1.4s’ Yeah, very cool! With this cd display everything is very clear! I wonder what is the dumbest tower with 60.0s CD. >.< 2 & 3 Cant wait the next update 0_o . So far this TD is the coolest-ever among other td apps in googleplay. goodjob & goodluck andy & team :)

Thanks norvask! For the 60.0s cooldown: This can happen if you give a few Pumpkins to one tower :-D