The Dude

Anyone else had a chance to play with it yet? How does everyone like it? Strategies? My own personal tactic is to equip it on my Acolyte of Greed, coupled with enough Viking Helmets to boost his luck to 80% (Not sure if it helps or not). Then when a Normal wave or Mass Challenge is coming up I quickly pump out 9 to 15 Treasure Goblins and let the bowling ball go (To make sure it has enough time to even get to the victims). Can usually net about 6 to 8 hits that way. One thing I have noticed is if you get the order wrong (Click the ability first, then swap in the Acolytes) it'll eliminate the bowling ball.

Dang, wish I could've grabbed it, was like 40 points shy of 300 on the weekend. Hopefully it comes up again soon, gonna keep 300 stashed for it, I really don't want any of the other black market stuff except maybe the pants.

If it makes you feel any better, it's not ERMAGERD ERMAZING or anything like that. It's kinda a fun little game within the game. But if you have a good set-up, there's a good chance you won't even look at the Dude for competitive games. I'm curious as to what this week's prize is. It'll be the last one I can afford for a while.

300 points is cheap, I spend over 1000 points just get Blood Demon yestoday. The game changes very quikely, maybe someday the Dude will be the most valuable item.:)

Yeah. It's not awful or anything, but I'm just struggling to find a purpose for using it, other than for fun. It can't be used on Boss, Air or Challenge waves, and almost every deck is better off killing Mass waves on its own (Darkness especially), which just leaves the two times to use (And in doing so, I steal Critical Hits from my Ripper). That said, I'm not the kind to fret over another ten seconds in the bonus round, so I still use it as a fun distraction.

It's totally for fun now, the Dude can use tower's luck which means if the tower have (1/0.12-1)=733% luck the Ball will kill everything in it's path except boss.

Luck only scales to 80%. Which means it can peak out around 20% chance to kill.

Actually luck can be punped up infinitely, but the chance of an luck influenced ability is max 80%.

Thanks for telling that, it's easier to get max luck.

Help, who knows how to dial 5 strikes with The Dude?I can not do it. :(


what it is necessary to make? I didn't understand. to bring down all row(creep) one sphere? or that there were no zero? as on the picture

A strike is 10 creeps in one roll, in the first roll of a set. Same as in bowling. The general strategy seems to be: 1. Place your carry closer to the end of the board 2. Use items / luck potion to give your bowler +80% luck. 3. Wait for two or three mass creeps in a row and rush them. 4. Watch the Big Lebowski while playing (this is probably the most important part).

4. Watch the Big Lebowski while playing (this is probably the most important part).
Yeah, well, you know, that's just, like, your opinion, man.

Andy, I want to clarify something really important. When you say this: "Actually luck can be punped up infinitely, but the chance of an luck influenced ability is max 80%." You mean I can get 900% Luck, but luck will only affect the chance by 80% maximum? So, if I had a 10% Chance to Instakill stock, it'd go to 18% Max? Or do you mean I can keep pumping luck until the ability itself has 80% Luck? So in the same sitation as above, I'd have a 90% Chance to Instakill? I've always assumed 80% was the maximum you could affect an ability with.

Let's say you have 10% chance to instakill. If you have +1000% luck, you would end up with 100% instakill. This would then be capped to 80% instakill. Hope that example clarifies it. Cheers!

Oh that is spectacular. I had no idea!