the interest rate

What is the maximum of interest rate? In % or maximum 1M gold value per turn? Because the money bin tower's skill called capitalist is increases the interest rate by 1% (per tower i assume) but i tried create 10 of money bin but the interest is stuck at 1mil. Based on my exploration from the tower explanation and other tower defense games, --> I think the formula supposed to be ( (standard given interest rate %)+(total money bin in %) ) * current gold. Well just in case im wrong, correct me ;)

Yep, the maximum amount of money that can be earned with interest is 1M per round, so it's a hard cap. It was introduced cause in the version Blofeld Satellite was introduced, people achieve amazing bonus survival times with uncapped interest :-D In think in the end there were numbers like multiple trillions of gold per round... With this amount of gold Satellite was quite unstopable ^^

Hohoho, okay then. gotta find new strategy to earn the 1m interest as soon as possible