The new "MAIN" tower :)

Hello, I think the new main tower is not the shadow anymore :) The best is now the I made more than 2000 yellow potions with it. We can change it to random news :)

And it's working in bonusgame as well :)

3779 sec :) maybe next try

Marry him on carry. He is support farmer.

Yeah, since I told Andy the mead wasn't so good with its lack he decided to make it transmutable (such a good idea!) and now he's the potion farming guy we all wanted! Lol.

90.172 seconds with this strategy

Did you marry holgar to scarface or what?

No! the holgar was the main and the scarface the secund. I think it's not possible with one tower.

You used the Yin/Yan ring or you used potion on scarface in the bonus round?

Swiping with thousand mead bottle is make you tired. And im doing it right now hue hue. I hope Andy change the Mechanics in Next version. .

I just filed a ticket for Holgar's potion flood to be re-balanced in 0.9.3. Any suggestions/ideas how to do this, anybody? Ideas are very welcome. I'm still brainstorming myself ;-)

Warlemming suggested making Holgar's potions purple so they can't be transmutable. But that'd be super annoying to have unusable potions in your inventory (no one wants to stack Holgar's actual potions on a tower, the stacking deficit would be awful). Maybe making the drop chance less likely and making it a white potion. Coupled with the change back to swiping 4 potions to upgrade, Holgar wouldn't be so broken.

@Andy: For me, i feel that the current Holgar is good, instead of holgar getting potions by chance, why not let him make a potion for every 50 creeps that he kills?