The wiki

We need some experienced players to add to this wiki, if you dont mind helping heres the link.

The shorter version Also, do I have / can I get permission to use graphic resources from here on the wiki?

I would contact Andy, and thanks for fixing the info I put into the wiki up, I am using a mobile device for it so I dont have all the options.

@DJNanashi please feel free to use any game assets (either from the game or from the website). PS: Had a look at the wiki and I think it is a great idea! Thanks for your effort to make that happen guys.

Any way to copy over the Darkness strategy I wrote up from before? It could at least be used as a spring board for others to edit later on. I'm on a work computer here, so I don't exactly have the opportunity to delve in to the Wiki too far at the moment.

Copy and paste, thats the only way I know of.

If you get the chance I could use your help, I want to work on the mechanics section of the wiki and thought to myself "who knows the most about the games mechanics... Andy".

Well Leo, your up in the KIK messenger in about 2 hours? Going to write a email to andy later today and maybe we could stick our heads together about it. And i wanted to talk to you and the other, whom are working on the wikia about something... Because im not happy with wikia to be honest.

Its a work in progress, and yea in 2 hours my work will be slow, I will have time.

I am in the kik messenger ontrose but you are not, ehy is this.

Guys, sorry that I've been a bit quit the last days. First off, great effort with the wiki, I love to see where this is going. I will check out how to reference the wiki properly soon. I'm on a extended-weekend holiday, so it will probably take until next weekend. Right now I'm wondering if there might be other options than the wikia. I opened it once on my iPad (no ad blocker) and it looked really horrible, litterally clustered with ads. One option would be to host the wiki on the mazebert server directly. Pro: no ads, potentially do some automated transfer of basic card stats => wiki Con: another system to maintain. Maybe there are other options as well to look into. We don't have to rush it though, wikia is based on mediawiki, it should be pretty straight forward to export the content to another place. So that none of the current work would be lost in case we'd decide to move. Let me know what you think!

I can't speak for the others, but I would absolutely LOVE it to be on this site, personally.

I apologize for my late response, had a bit of an outing yesterday, anyhow I agree however I dont know where else we would put it.

Well, i thought about writing a whole site per hand, even with my tiny knowledge it would look better and moer organized that wikia. The idea of a free wikia is fine, but it looks like crap. Cant put it any other way. There is no way you can have a decent overview over the contents in it, you would have to know what to search for, the navigation is simply put aweful and the amount you can orginize and visual effects (colors etc)... If you would grant access to your server (or a means to send stuff to you, that you can host then) it would be an incredible good idea. The whole question (since you most likely wont give us access xD) is how to update the stuff on the new page, which might come? Either way you would have to update and implement it yourself or give the comunity some kind of access...

Also just out of curiosity what program do you use andy?

Word Press i guess, so i dont know if thats a language or a programm or whatever. But it does seem to be Word Press, due to the point on the bottom of the screen "powered by word press". But

Imeant for the game.

Oh xD nvm my post then :-P

Just to throw a little more fuel to the fire, Wikia's can be pretty nice. The Wiki for Age of Wonders III is fantastic looking, and very intuitive. I don't know how they did it though.

Well, it's still pretty basic. One Problem is the organisation on our wikia. There is no layout, no roadmap or anything. Everybody just adds something somewhere. It's plain and simple. Even if you have tables... they just wrote it down instead of using the function. But the problem is, in the time to get used to the tools, you could write such a thing yourself. With good colors, better positioning and stuff... Even the Agoe of Wonder thing, is not what i want to see for a game Mazebert, to plain, to simple and navigation is still weak. I personally want colors, themes, buttons (for navigation). Honestly even with the normal office tool [powerpoint] you can make better homepages [last time i used it, it had a function to throw it out as html coded page]. Dotn get me wrong! I dont want a perfect page, but not that plain either, it just doesnt suit Mazebert and the sheer amount of informations and links you need. Over the weekend i will make a little brainstorm and a little map how i would like the general layout ^^ The problem is, normally you go: gettin the idea -> brainstorming -> planning -> doing and this went like: idea -> doing ^^

At the moment all I have is a mobile device to work with.