The Windows version doesn't work

My OS is windows 10 2004 x64 Specific performance: Double click MazebertTD.exe There was no reaction Right click to run as an administrator without any reaction --From Baidu translator

Do you have the associated files in the same folder? I remember there being some data folders and some .jar files. Do you have java installed? I don't know if it is required for the game to run, but the game uses java. The java could be built into the .exe, but I think it requires an installed java environment.

Thanks to fuzzyeuk. After I install jre1.8, I pass the mazebert.jar Successfully entered the game. But mazebert.exe It still doesn't work.

I think the Mazebert.exe is just a launcher to open the .jar file. On my computer, clicking on the .jar, just opens up the archive, like a .zip file would. For me, the .exe opens the game. As long as one of the two files gets you into the game, you should be good to go.