Touch Controls on Windows

Hello all, I just downloaded the game for windows as I have a touch screen lap top. Sadly, when I utilize the touch function all the single tap functions require a double touch inside the app. Single touch works just fine for minimizing/maximizing the app and other windows features so I'm guessing it's not a touch function. I haven't tried downloading an android emulator to see if single touch works that way but that's my next trouble shooting step if no one has other ideas or suggestions. Any ideas?

I don't have a windows laptop with touch support, so I can't really reproduce it here. Maybe the game processes those events both as touch and as mouse events and gets stuff wrong. But that's just a wild guess.

I think he's saying that the widows app requires double tap when using touch controls because the windows version expects a mouse click and the touch interface translates double taps into a mouse click.

Yes and no? The touch controls seem to behave differently inside the app. I would double click the app icon to open it and I would also tap twice. Once inside the app, however, all actions require a double tap but only a single click. I'll test with an emulator and see what happens.