Tower placement

Anyone got some screen shots of tower placement for both blood morr and shattered plains? Was curious to see how everyone else does.

sry for bad pics this build got me to 18k http://imgur.com/hfbaRmD,v1g3Tb3,tLtwji8,MY2eE1I,YgY9CB2,auC0tmx,FkLdhOd#0 and this one to 27k http://imgur.com/BubxTXv,PVqv4DM,3yjawcQ,kD6CFts,GrnYkJW,XpiFYlZ,Bb51jXD,DxHQ5SG,8P54TCe,6X1naw5,DCTe6pp,VHc5MyJ,aq8NLA7,CgN9diz,hsL08Od,TOx89kO#10

Here is mine, I don’t use metro towers though, only nature/darkness. null