Tower Questions

Alright, I'm back again. No I will not hint at aura attacks or aura effects... But I do have a question about iron man. Do all the items add on as a continuous stack? And do those item act like potions, where as they continue to contribute the level bonus for items absorbed? And finally, do item sets stack passively? Can I give him slow, wither, and passive attack speed? I have placed the help of hades on him, and he continued to be Invisible so I assume all the above is true, I just haven't tried to enhance after that. Mostly because it seemed as if I lost my bonuses from the previous absorption. Thank you again for your time, Samuel aka Lémòñ

Samuel, Yes they do stack. He has crap for base dmg, but after stacking items he is golden. At first I was quite reluctant to use him, due to the lack of dmg... I regret that decision. He might be my new favorite tower.

Son of a biscut... I had like two paragraphs of info and comments written down and I exited my browser.... Short and short, don't know about the passive bonuses for lvls on items. I only got to lvl 150 but was able to test a bit. Set passive don't stack; slow, wither, or speed. It would be to op fairly early anyways, although I hoped you wouldn't thibk of It. auras do stack, like speed and crit. I had sooooo much written down before and I forgot it and can't find my stat sheet... I need to stop drinking before playing this game... Oh, could not test the rings with him. I don't get the master sniper, I have never seen him in large scale. The new support and common towers are outstanding. Time to go back to "testing"

... It does stack even sets... it's not OP, due to the crap dmg. The best part is stacking keys on him. Can you say fast exp?

Hmm can you verify that the set bonus (green text) does stack? Actually I double checked that this isn't the case before release. Just curious :-)

Andy, Unless I've got a bug. I've been able to use Withered Set and Impatient Wrath... I see the Amplifying text that pops up, and I also see that my Atk Spd goes up from each skip.... I've put 2 Impatients Wrath on and had him absorb it, and see the A/S goes up by 2%/second... So, maybe I just am bugged? I'll try a hard restart of my phone and run further testing. But, that was the same from the last 5 games I've played. I'll see about getting some Pictures and uploading. (May take a while, depending on Luck of the Drops)