Tower Questions

Hey Andy i got a few questions about the mechanics behind some towers: 1. Is Holgars Mead-dropchance luck or itemchance dependent? or none of both? 2. if i remember right there is a itemchance/itemquality hardcap on about 500%. does the effect of black widow count against these cap? 3. is there a cap on Knusperhexe or undead king? You did really great work with 1.0 there are endless new posibilities. Really Fun :) carry on! (PS: there are to insufficent daily quests and legendarys are to rare. i crafted about 50 cards and got none ;( )

Hi Vasuhn! Holgar's mead chance is luck dependant! Not 100% sure about Black Widow without the source code at hand. But 99% sure her aura doesn't help with the 400% cap. Btw. removing this cap and implementing a new loot functions is one of my top goals for 2015 (probably similar to armor adjustments done in summer). Both towers have no cap. How's the legendary hunt getting along? Cheers!

thanks for the answers. Got 2 legendarys till now,Seelenrei├čer and blood demon. Legenderys are far to rare, want to try new strategys but dont get the nessesarys legendarys ;)

Congratz! Regarding legendary heroes, chances are lower atm to get one compared to other legendary cards. This is something I will adjust within the next weeks!