Translation help !

Hey ! First i really like Mazebert TD, and was happy to play a youtd-like game. If needed i can translate full game in french for you. Keep update this great game :) And thanks again.

Thank you so much for the offer! However, I'm not yet ready for adding additional languages. Main problem is the fact that not only a lot of strings need to be translated, they also need to be checked to fit in the very short space on the cards etc. Also, new releases and features would be delayed more than now, cause I need to add new translations whenever I add a new feature or change some tower/item effects etc. This is something to look into when the 1.0 version is out (which, however gonna take some more time ^^).

I understand, that's a huge work ! In any case, when you'll want to add translation, ask me.

I can help translate to Portuguese-BR, when thsi possible, when you have interest.