This week its trident on Black Market i think. Do you think it's worth to take. I mean multitarget looks lucrative but the trade off fit damage and speed looks too much. And i feel for multitarget its much more feasible to put a rabbit on snow globe and since I can easily start with snow globe using the Deck master. Rabbit with snow globe gives 3 targets without any negative effects.

The debuff is not really much if you are in the late game. What is -100 if you have 600 or more? Multitarget is Great for certain towers and situations holgar for example can throw 4 axes at one target because his innate ability. Having trident on jilly is also great against vir spawned creeps. You can do other things with snow globe then.

With trident, rabbit+globe and toilet paper jilly can hit 9 targets lol... OP jilly strat viable?? What do you think 🤔🤔🤔🤔

If you have a certain attack speed it’s all about the dps. Jilly is not good against bosses...

But jilly can stun lock the boss and can insta kill creeps when having high luck.... Nevertheless i tried it... Jilly started to pick up pace but somehow my wolf lost steam lol... Will try it again 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Jilly can not stun lock. There is a resistance that builds up with every movement modification, it slowly diminishes. You can slow down but it won’t lock. And jilly just doesn’t deal enough dmg.