Trident/globe bunny with multi hit towers.

I was under the impression that these do not work together. Can somebody share the mechanics of multi hit items on Holgar Ironman Bunny Fallen Lucifer So how many axes does holgar throw on target 2 and 3 etc.

Holgar throws 2 axes by default, if you equip trident, he will throw 4. Lucifer's attacks chain, so with trident, he will do 3 attacks that all chain.

And with the Lucy buff (which i had in mind) he can hit 4. Holgar then can hit 1 creep with 2 axes and 2 additional ones with 1 axe each? Because i think i saw him not split the attack. But it is long ago so I might be wrong.

Yeah Holgar will focus all axes on one creep if possible.