Version 0.7.0 released

frozen-stormWinter is coming! The Frozen Storm release of Mazebert TD is now ready for download! With a lot of new content, set items, a tutorial, background music and tower luck this version hopefully enchants your christmas time. Again, there is a lot of re-balancing included. I hope you will enjoy playing it!

Release notes 0.7.0

  • Challenge rewards!
    • Grunky's Shadow tower! (1st place)
    • Vasuhn's Painting of Solea item! (2nd place)
    • Mr Gonzalez could not be reached :-( (3rd place)
  • Special Winter Edition with snow
  • 3 new towers, 11 new items
  • Tutorial added to better explain the game
  • New tower attribute: Luck
  • New set items
  • Background music for the menu. Thank you, Phil Angus!!
  • Added sound settings
  • Performance improved when viewing cards
  • Properly freezing app and sound when minimized on Android
  • Improved endgame difficulty (creeps > round 140)
  • Fixed that splash sometimes did not hit properly
  • Improved balancing factors and nerfed/buffed towers according to your feedback on version 0.6:
    • Re-worked Muli
    • Nerfed Scarecrow
    • Nerfed Knusperhexe's eat chance
    • Buffed Balu
    • Buffed Baby Rabbit
    • Nerfed Longbow
    • Nerfed Messerschmidt's Reaver
    • Buffed mass and air waves (only very slightly)

Download Mazebert TD v0.7

You can download the latest version of Mazebert TD on the download page. Hint for Android: I just uploaded the APK to the Google Play Store, but it states that it could take several hours before it is available...