very urgent andy please read and reply

Im just gonna put down all the previous things that i have recently put down things that would be awesome: a private messaging system on the mazebart webpage, for there to be a kik chat where we all could talk and contemplate (tehehe i used a big word), and in the new update add new decks for a wider range of character PS sorry if i sound like a big d**k but i just wanted this to get noticed.

Good thing about the current forum is that everyone can read the posts (even guest users). Would be a bit sad if most of the strategy discussions etc went private. Of course, when there are private matters to discuss, it's a good idea to turn to other communication channels (like kik chat). But I don't see the need to host something like this here. You're right about the new decks. Next deck will be a "light" deck, but unfortunately it will take a bit of time until this is done :-)

Ok thank you very much for replying i greatly appreciate it. 😊

Well honestly, i would love to have a private message system here. One reason is working on the Wikia. I do most of it at "Work", and i dont receive a signal here for my mobile device, so i cant talk with the others and i'm always lazy with that stuff. Here i at least check daily in. And is there a possibilty to get a "sticky" thread about the Wikia? Leo, myself and other people work on it, would be nice if there would be a thread where we can say what we are doing and have done so far and of course, a link right into the wikia from the forum. I think such a thing might make it easier for new players to find the information they search for. I mean, you could find all the informations in the wikia here on the forums too, but you would have to search for it ;) i mean, we all know people are lazy and i'm one of them XD

@Ontrose, havn't forgotten about the wiki, check out this post.

One other thing that i personally would love to be added on to the game is a thing that pauses after 5 to 10 minutes of inactivity because ive fallen asleep playing it and have lost bcuz of it so could you please add something like that please

Can't comment for iOS, but for Android, go to settings, find "Display", scroll to the bottom, and set "Sleep after 5 Minutes of Inactivity". That'll solve your problem.

S**t andy is there any way i could get my account back i had to do a factory reste on my phone bcuz it randomly decided to download melware while i was playing mkx on my phone and i couldnt do anything so i had to do a factory if there is a way please help me

gibby8998 check your email there will be your code

I dont see it all i see is ur reply and my change password thing

Guys i need help im trying ro do everything i can to recover my account but its saying my save code is invalid and its saying that my email was never in the system. Andy please help

So you have registered an e-mail address and a save code of your previous account? Can you please send me a mail with the e-mail / save code / name of your wizard. I will check the database then with this info! Thanks!

But what is ur email?

Oh and i just remembered that i didnt register an email for my account but my wizards name is my name on the forum: gibby8998 and i think my save code is 3s21x1 i think but my friend luke who also plays said that the codes are only letters so idk what the problen is 😳 (sad face)

Hey I think I found you in the data base. Your savecode was just a little bit off ;-) Updated the save code attached to your forum profile. With this code you should be able to get your progress back! Cheers!

Omfg thank you sooooooooo much 😘 u r the best.

sorry to write that there but i need andy attention on a problem that i got. Andy can you please go see the post here : https://mazebert.com/forums/topic/question-about-isometric-sorting-your-post/ and help me out a moment ? would be really appreciate Thank