Warning About MR IRON

Idk if it is a bug or working as intended but Mr iron is not GOOD if Mr iron consumes a set - the set bonus DOES NOT WORK, if u replace a tower with mr iron , EVERY ITEM IS LOST (i consumed a helm of hades, excaliber, and other high items and lost them when turning mr iron into another tower, causing me to make it not very far in the "bonus" as i would of if i had said items/sets) Which in the end , makes his 3-9 dmg, 2.5 aps, and 90 sec consume rate Absolutely horrible of a yellow tower that costs 3800.

Actually I think he is the second best tower in the game. He can be an amazing main or support. Have you seen one with .1 ASPD 14 multicrit and 600+ crit damage? As for carry I have had one that gave over 100% crit chance and attack speed to all within 1 area around him. If you do want to use him as a main you MUST have a wedding ring inside of his armor and have a second tower to cover till bonus.

Also don't feed too many Dark items lol @korn, do the wedding ring works even inside the armor?

Yes it does, atleast when I tried it.