Wew! long battle. .

I played this version today in 10hours and i only got 3rd place in Normal 500wave 1000+Sec . .wew i thought i was first hihihi. And what level is the Hard mode. . . Andy Can you pls add x2speed with on/off because i got the staff in 187 wave. .

Have it in the backlog. Still not sure about it, but could be something for version 0.10!

Ok tnx for adding it. . I like the style of your TD. .

hm.. 1181 seconds after 500 levels.. but only on easy :O

Just did 3100 secs on 500 wave easy. Nice

4785 seconds survived on hard mode 500 waves. Loads of luck. I dont think i can get much higher than this. I really wonder how the #1 survived that long...

I got an idea -> he was at wave 4XX put the vers 0.9.3 and finished his run with the tower already buffed

Good idea @Sarore. Still, I find 1M seconds hard to believe!

Sadly, with the bug I showed you earlier, I don't find it hard to believe anymore...