What happend

I uninstalled the game for a lil while, it wanted me to connect to shady source in-game, while this website got hacked? Is it fixed now? Should we worry?

Hmm, the server looks all good to me. I've updated the SSL certificate just a few hours ago, so maybe this is causing problems? Where did the app want to connect to? Thanks for reporting!

I was at work so had no time to check. But starting the app and a message popped up with some ip numbers and what seemed like a server. And Ihad 2 options to choose from, connect and something else(forgot what the 2nd option was, but it wasnt cancel) Happend to both me and my bro. Neither could enter the website either. Around 7 hours ago.

Since the website said it wasnt safe and someone could be trying to get our informations. Altho that didnt bug me, since the password here is only usable on this website. But when the game itself asked me to connect, I felt like I should uninstall it. I'll install it back later and see if that msg still pop up and I'll screenshot it.

Installed the game, did not receive the weird message on start up now. I wasn't the only one getting that weird message about connecting to a server either. Hopefully whoever/whatever did it, is gone now

Oh, then I think the old certificate expired today, and I was late in installing the new one. Sorry!