Withered set

does any1 know how the amplification works? like does it only give bonus dmg for the equipped tower or does the amped help dmg boost hits from other towers aswell? that would make it a pretty great support set but if it's only boost dmg to equipped tower like i have perceived then the 3 set withered isn't that great, then it's more of a use to boost tower speed with the bandages and to timewarp with shroom and cacti separatley, oh and does the 3 part set only amp or does it timewarp aswell? like the 2 part set does? also i wonder about the ganesha, blood demon and manitou, i can see they have 1-1 dmg but still they always have 0 dmg in best hit, why is that? do they even attack? i mean ganesh is going to be replaced at lvl 99, blood demon is useless after you get the sword from him but manitou is a keeper due to the multicrit, though to make him a usefull tower it would be IMO optimal to give him a 2 set withered and buff his speed to make him a timewarper but i don't even know if he even attacks so is it or is it not working? tnx //

Wither set yes and yes it amps for all and b yes 3 set still pushes back only thing is mreaver doesn't splash effect on off mobs haven't tested if natural splash mobs like sora dandoline etc do late game I'd dive GiB mreaver and full set and as I recall my main would do around 60% other thing is stunners plus wither doesn't seem to work well since I noticed theyed stay put instead of moving backwards as for rhosthose supports think might have to do with armor is my guess with 5 sec attack speed much better towers to use to wither with I forget how wither set works on bear hunter I know he can frozen with ice set but forget how wither works

tnx dude =)