Withered set damage amplification

Okay, so I was just wondering if the 3 item set damage amplification can stack infinitely or if it can only stack as many times as the tower can attack in 6 seconds?

When I remember my code correctly, it can stack infinitely, because every hit resets the cooldown.

Andy, I've got a follow up question to this set. So after careful reading and testing, I'm still unsure on this. The set says "Every attack adds a stacking 3% damage amplification for 6 seconds. (3 set items)". My question may sound stupid, but here we go. So does that dmg amp only apply to the carrier of the item? I've tried using it for my support towers, but it does nothing. So I'm assuming that it doesn't, but I wanted to clarify that. Thanks for the amazing game! Zeek

The damage amplification effect should affect the attacked creep, so other towers should be able to benefit from the effect, too!

I hope this works. I'm going to have fun with this one. =D Thanks for the clarification

Hehe ;-)