Wizard problem

Andy, I'd like to change wizard name into ManuTD, but I already have a 90+ wizard. Do you think it's possible to change the name of my wizard? Also I'd like to throw the idea of the possibility to be able to change name in the future maybe. :) Oh never mind now I lost the ladder code. Yay!

Hey Manu, technically, nothing speaks against the possibility to change the wizard name in future. But in terms of continuity I'd rather not add the option :-D Don't you have the ladder code attached to this forum profile?

Nope, I forgot to write it down before I deleted the game for the new update. I guess I'll be looking forward to it since I don't want to get to 90 again hehe.

Andy, please. This is becoming annoying.

What exactly is becoming annoying Manu?

I don't have the ladder key and a way to retrieve it.

Ahh, you mean the ladder key to your secondary profile you created? Do you remember the name you chose? Then I can try look it up in the database!

Nono, this one. I don't remember it.

Never mind. I realized I have the ladder key in the profile page. How dumb of me. *facepalm*

Hehe! Facepalm

Where'd you find that? Hahaha. :lol: