Good morning guys. I'm a compulsive player of mazebert and very addicted to it. Not to mention I can't stop playing it. I recently had a doubt about wolf card. I felt it is useless (no offense, my opinion) anyways can anyone tell me how that cards works and what is good with that card. I'm asking it because I may have missed something. Thanks CBS

Armor Lee, The Wolf can be useful, if you have more than one. The key to using the Wolf is to have the Pack Leader at least 10-15 levels higher than the other Wolf towers. (personal opinion/use with it) I've tried using the Wolf on 12, 13, and 14, with the Pack Leader on 13. This seems to work for a bit, but I replace it later. What I would like to try, is using the Wolf on 15, 16 (Pack Leader), and 17. This is far down my list of strategies to try right now, so I won't get to it any time soon. Hope that helps you out!