Wolf pack exit strategy for lvl200+

I have run a successful wolf pack (with manitou) up to level 200/400 but they start to weaken now and are no longer able to keep up with the treasure goblin from the dungeon door or challenges. I haven't found a solid late game tower yet to substitute my main. I have access to all elements, though I haven't consumed light yet, and many 30+ level wolfs and a level 99 Ganesha to transform into something more useful. Any suggestions?

I normally go for Holgar, but you need to have fed the carry enough potions and also have used the double potion trick with Yggdrasil and wedding rings. Other viable towers are solara, scarecrow and shadow depending on your strategy. Muli can scale quite high, if you do the right setup.

I do use Ygdrasil and the wedding rings to feed potions to 4 towers, but none of them scale even close to my main. Is replacing my main a tower with Holgar an option or would I loose the potion effects?

Potion effects stay as long as the tower gets replaced

Thanks, I managed to get to level 400 by first finding excalibur, which carried me and my pack to level ~300 and then changed to holgar with many high level support towers (Knusper, Jillies, apprentice, spiders) only steady enemies got through. I kept hoping tobfind the lightsaber but wasn't that lucky. With one unique health potions (+20% health on Yggdrasil wirh 4 branches used and married) I finally managed to get through the final level with 10% health left. I learned a lot in this game, but dependence on lucky drops of items is a bit high.

Yes it is. That’s why black widow and drop potions are quite important. Knux is best when having ~300 more stacks than waves. So feed her good. In a 500 wave Game she gets you twelve time the damage against vir If you have I think around 1400 stacks. Somewhere in this region forgot the correct number...