a few things

Well guys and gals I've been throwing a few ideas toward Andy during our bug/balancing correspondences. We figured to get some feedback :) Bamp you should like this since it also includes some things you mentioned earlier. What do yall think? Towers: Unique - Doppleganger This tower can't equip items. Each round he randomly mimics another tower's stats and it's abilities. His mimic skill effect is equal to 1% stats per level. I think what would be cool though is in a hypothetical situation one round he eats a few huli bananas. Another round he has some liquor from muli's skill. Another round he adapts like shadow. Each successive round he gains small bonuses from each tower but unlike all of the others... he retains them throughout the game. Unique - Replicator He is pretty plain. His ability activates when he becomes level 99. Upon reaching level 99 either an open slot or the lowest level tower become a duplicate of him. Both the duplicate and him are equal to his stats / 2 and their level becomes 49. This could add a nice little twist to game play strategy. Items: 4 uniques items - each one is part of a set. Each one boosts a stat but the boost is not immediate. As a tower wears any of these items -> for each hit the boost increases. When the player feels the boosts are high enough he places the 4 items in the cube. This trasmutes into a single pendant which now has the boost effect from all 4 items and now the boost is applied to whichever tower wears it. It does not get any stronger once transmuted. Unique potion - A potion to increase a towers projectiles by 1. Unique potion - A potion to increase a towers range by 1. Common - rare potions - for luck and experience and gold gain.  Rare item - to steal a portion of gained experience from towers when they make kills. Rare item - to give a portion of experience to other towers when kills are made.

cool ideeas but the replicator should only take on empty spaces cause it could suck to change your herb to a replicator when you still need it

I'd like to bump this up because I really like the Doppelganger -idea.