A new rare metro

As we need one more rare metro tower Name: Aquarium range 1 price 2500 dmg none Skill 1 When you build Aquarium you summon eldritch cultists (like Acolyte of Greed) Skill 2 +@ % chance to spawn eldritch cultists Skill 3 Aquarium is counted as a water tile Skill 4 when eldritch cultists die get 2 exp

This is a weird but cool tower. Here are my thoughts: Name: Eldritch* Aquarium * Or similar word to make it sound old, mysterious, and maybe glowing. I don't remember details from the Cthulhu stories, but they could provide some inspiration. Give it some damage so it could be useful. Maybe range 2, 30-40 damage, 3 second delay. Skill 3 shouldn't be on the card. Instead it can grant that benefit silently. If the aquarium gets damage, then instead of skill 4, then use a different skill 4: Either: Give +5% damage per eldritch item in play. Or: Eldritch items on the aquarium are +2% more powerful for each eldritch item on the map. (Mr. Iron can eat a lot of eldritch items, so these bonuses shouldn't be too big.) Edit: if we call it Eldritch Aquarium, would that mean its damage and skill bonuses would double with Dagon? Is this a good thing? It would be interesting if Dagon made this a viable carry. For non-Dagon players it would just be a support tower like Acolyte of Greed.

This would make a very nice addition to the metropolis deck.