I see there are darkness drops, so let's add lightness towers! =================== Name: Angel Rarity: Rare Price: 2015g Speed: 3 seconds Attack: 20-40 Range: 2 Sex: Unknown Type: Vex (even if I don't understand what this is for :D) Description: May the Heavens bless your battlefield. Effect: -Blessing: The Item chance, Drop Chance and Luck of allies within 2 field is increased by 25%. + 0.8% per level. - Ade's last will: When Helm of Hades is equipped Blessing's range is increased by 1. =================== Angel comes along with a unique potion. =================== Name: Holy Water Rarity: Unique Description: Vanquish the Dark, embrace the Light. Effect: Used on The Dark Forge to replace him with Angel killing all creeps in 1 range. If not used on The Dark Forge the tower is destroyed and the spot unusable for 20 waves. =================== Yeah. "Do not disobey God.". It's maybe the most appropriate phrase for the the second part of the effect of the potion. Hehe.

I like this idea. Lightness is a cool name, too for that element.

Holy Water could be awesome on the point, where you have already aquired Blade of Darkness, but at that point, it would just weaken the Dark Forge. As the Dark Forge base dmg is about 80-110, the Angel here has only 20-40. Dark Forge has attack speed of 5s, and the Angel has 3s. As calculating, the level 1 Dark Forge does 16-22 DPS, and the Angel would do 6,667-13,334 DPS. And this is only level 1. Of course, the BIG bonus to the Angel would be that Luck increasing blessing. Until now, we haven't had any other type of luck than the Lucky Pants, but they are not consumeable (expect to Mr. Iron) and so forth, not much of a use at other towers that don't have any special abilities. For Beavers and Miss Jilly's they come in handy, as well as Holgar, but I usually use Holgar - Mr. Iron married, so I usually just feed all my Lucky Pants to the Mr. Iron. And by the way Andy, have you checked on the potion idea I sent here?

Looks like a nice support tower and well designed. As its benefit deals with luck and item chance/quality, I really appreciate it. +1 for me.