Backpack (Legendary item)

An item that can only put set items inside. Number of slots depends on the first set item that you put in. While putting a set item, the other set items must be on the loot tab (Putting Norl sword requires Norl locket, both of them occupies the backpack making it full. Same thing with Frozen items for summoning Gib)

What if the backpack was cursed and couldn't be removed once worn? As it is, this basically expands the powerful inventory from 6 to ~8 slots.

Given that most sets only has two items required to trigger, then yeah. Frozen w/ 4 items and impatience w/ 3 are rare ones. And yeah the cursed effect wont affect it that much I guess. It would be mostly used for carries if the player has spectral lord set or wealthy sea captain set for cultist enthusiasts like me. But I don't want it to be another dark forge item though. (Coz I think it has too many exclusive items alr. like Seelen? Is that a dark forge one?) Maybe a cultist one?