Baelful Eye or Laser Targeting System

Can be any element Baelful Eye would be for Darkness Laser Targeting System for Metropolis for Nature I had no idea for a name. The tower looks at a field where at least one creep is at the moment. All creeps in this field loose their armor and are more vulnerable to damage. Damage on these creeps increases by tower level * 2 %. If they leave the range of Baelful Eye armor is restored and damage amplification reset to 0%. The tower looks at the targeted creeps until either they are all dead or they left its range or they left the map. Then it targets a new field. If the targets all die before the attack time of Baelful Eye has passed it has to wait for its turn. If it needs more time to kill all targeted creeps, then the attack time of Baelful Eye, it can target a new field immediately. Range 3 Attack 2.5s Armor reduction 100% Damage amplification 2*towerlevel %