Biersal Revelry (prophecy)

Alternate name: Drinking Games Rare Prophecy The Biersal will host a party, but you're forced to follow their rules. "You will face a mass wave sent from the Biersal. Your towers will be under a spell and take turns drinking the non-unique potions dropped. The Biersal will give each mass creep a potion to deliver." - - - - - - Card use analysis: I imagine this working where each tower will drink a potion as they're dropped (the default order seems to be build order). Once all towers have had a drink, then they start over and keep drinking potions dropped by the mass creeps. I expect the mass creeps to be carrying white potions. I don't expect this prophecy to be very strong. You get 20 white potions, but your carry would normally only get 1-3. With Cthulhu, you'd get more like 7-10 potion splashes (5-7 effective potions). With SnoreFox, you'd get more potions depending on how many rabbits you eat. Estimated at ~5. Edit: reworded card text to match Andy's prophecy wording.

Damn, I love this 😅