my First idea for a new tower. After a couple of waves the game starts getting interesting. But all u need is luck! Without luck u don't get the needed towers, gears and portions. But what u have is gold... Many gold. Gold at early game is rare couse u have to safe it for ur rare carry. At midgame it's needet to support the carry. After wave 150 gold is only needet to boost satellite. So there is a point in every game where gold becomes useless. There should be more options to use money, to get it and to waste it. My idea is to get a blackmarket card. Range, dmg, speed... Irrelevant. We need two abilities. First - Market U can sell and buy towers, gear and portions. Second - Experience The higher the level of the market, the better should be the cards u can buy (except of uniques). I don't know about balancing but should be as important as transmuting. Try ur risk with transmute at lower costs or get what u need with higher cost. (or even get material for transmute)

I guess you've given a good idea indeed. Its really interesting. I support your idea

Could be a bit overpowered...but to make it more balanced have it cost cumilitive for each card you buy, and the card is random. So like you want a yellow rare card. First try is 1000, 2nd is 2000, 3rd is 4000 etc..or if thats to much then increase it by 1.25% or something each time

Yes, good call!