bomber man and more

Tower card Name: Bomber man (or something idk) Tier: rare or unique Range: 1-2 (depending on balance needed) Damage: 20-30 (damage at 99 high-very high) Attack Cooldown: 10s Cost: what ever you feel is right Ability: every attack puts a stack of Explosives on the target creep. Upon creep death he explodes dealing 1%-5% (input needed) of Max hp x number of explosives to creeps within 1 area around it. If possible have the ability only work if only 1 creep is hit. Item card Tier: Unique Ability: When carrier kills a creep the creep explodes dealing 100% of Max hp - 0.975 per tower level (higher levels do less) to creeps within 1 range another idea that could be a tower or item On attack this tower throws a Spear impaling and knocking the target into the creep behind it. Number of knockbacks/impales is equal to the cool down of the tower (5s cool down is 5 impales) These are rough ideas

i like the ideea of this beeing an item card...equip it and your char loses 60% of atk speed...but it only tags 2 max creeps per round dealing 40 % max to creeps in 3 range