Bounty Hunter (uncommon/rare Hero)

Name: Bounty Hunter Lore: He can track down the wealthiest Challenge creeps. Relic-filled Challenges 50% - 75% - 100% (normal, nightmare, hell) of challenges drop a relic. Well-off Challenges +10% challenge health OR challenge waves get a modifier (fast, ghost, wisdom, armored, slow, etc.) (Optional: spawn in pairs (reduce health slightly(?), each with 2/3 normal loot) Challenge Hunter +10% all tower stats during challenge waves - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - The idea is that Bounty Hunter takes you to another instance of the regular Mazebert map where the Challenges are especially tough and rich. The boss challenges drop relics (waves 7, 21, ...) for a total of 14 for a 200 wave game and 35 for a 500 wave game. Comparing that relic reward to normal relic rewards of ~7 (20 per 3 games), it seems a bit high. So that's why Relic-filled Challenges has the % with it. On an normal 200 game, it would provide similar relics to a normal game. I imagine this meaning that every 2nd or 4th challenge defeated wouldn't grant a relic if it's a normal or nightmare game. Well-off Challenges and Challenge Hunter are optional, but could make it more interesting. Having two challenges each with 80% health and reduced loot could be interesting. Credit for the idea goes to Stormchaser https://mazebert.com/forum/ideas/persian-kitty-rare-nature-tower--id1531/

Cool,this seems more enjoyable 😍

Andy, maybe this could be also implemented as a prophecy: Wealthy Challenge The next Challenge wave is armored and carries a card relic.