Buried Treasure

Name: Buried Treasure Cost: 1500 Attack: ? Range: ? Cooldown: ? Element: None Gender: None Damage: 1-1 Dig:(active) Pick your shovel and dig that chest up. 5 Sec cooldown. Big Booty (sorry for that one ) : After 50 "Dig"s, the tower will vanish and grant a single item (rare and above, depends on the towers item quality stat). Lore would be something like "Yohoho" I am not sure about the rarity, that depends in how the item is affected by the stat. This one would fit it quote nicely, I think: Name: Flying Dutchman Cost: 1500 to 3000 Attack: Fal Range: 3 Cooldown: 2 Element: Darkness Gender: None Damage: 15-20 Rarity: Rare Hidden Treasure: For every Buried Treasure, the Dutchman gets 1% interest.

- Dig ability speed affected by attack speed? *glances at impatience set* - Flying Dutchman second ability: X mark- When a buried treasure tower vanished, has (?) chance to leave an X mark on the tower tile. Any tower placed on that tile consumes the mark and increases their item quality by (?).