Chosen Executioner (light tower)

Chosen Executioner Legendary light tower (I haven't thought about element balance, but this idea can be reworked to darkness, or maybe even nature without much trouble. Those two already have legendary towers and this oddball feels like it should be legendary.) Even the righteous need to eliminate a target on occasion, they just don't want to get their hands dirty. Cost: 10,000 or higher (77,777 could work?) Range: 4 (or 3 if unbalanced) Damage: 418 - 462 Cooldown: 50 seconds (can we set this above 60?) Flavor: Vex Holy blessing: +77% attack speed (+7%/level) Assassin's marksmanship: +1 multicrit (+1 multicrit/10 levels) - - - - Discussion: While this seems overpowered at first, consider the very long base delay. The idea is that this would be a tower that would have the potential to scale, but would be so slow it wouldn't be much use except for boss waves. I wanted to give some free attack speed so it wasn't super slow. However, to get it to a comfortable speed will require a huge amount of attack speed potions. Items like magic mushroom and mummy wraps usually give carries a large damage boost in the mid-game, but they'd be useless here. I think what I have here is pretty decent. Consider which is better: Base damage: 100 Or Base damage 50 Bonus damage: +100% The first one can scale better. I've taken the second approach with this tower, but with attack speed instead of damage.

Holy shit, that's a very interesting idea! And I agree, this would absolutely be legendary tier. Combined with Beacon, this would have huge endgame potential, even if we left out the multicrit level bonus.

Yeah... The base damage scaling with beacon would be something to look at. It would definitely need some play-testing to see what works (unless your models can predict that) Edit: base damage keeps growing linearly, so each level over 99 gives a bit more damage, but grows less on a % basis. Level 200 is ~2x level 99 damage. My thinking for including the multicrit is that this tower already has all the scaling already built in, except speed and damage%. If it's balanced with the huge multicrit bonus, then someone getting super lucky with multicrit potions doesn't make the tower much stronger. A great blood demon blade does nothing. The only thing that makes this tower stronger is seelenreisser, which isn't easy to use on this tower, and speed potions. My fear is that this becomes a machine to kill Vir and that's it. Hmm, another fear is that people use Dagon and Eldritch arms and annihilate entire waves. Hmm, maybe it shouldn't get the bonus speed and instead should get +Damage%. It seems that without the free speed bonus, the absurd cooldown would make the tower unusable except in the super late game against Vir. If the beacon interaction doesn't work, it could be reskinned to another element. I think Light is the best fit and it has the largest need for a Legendary. Although Metro would work almost as well. Nature: stone golem (maybe less damage and some AOE, this would be too much like Balu though) Metro: Elitist Marksman (has OCD and needs to clean his gun between each shot and sing his good luck song) (giving this tower stonecutter seems like an unbalanced idea. Either it will be useless until stonecutter is online or it will be overpowered.) Darkness: Demonic Executioner (give him an axe that looks monstrous) or Orc Butcher (prefers to use the biggest meat mallet on the market)

How about making his speed bonus per wave rather than per level. That way unicorn tears don't break him. And he'd need to be built early, which counters abuse related to SnoreFox. Maybe +77% (+3%/round) bonus attack speed? Edit: I'd be interested to see how the dps of this level 99 tower with 300 rounds compares with Blofeld with 400M gold and a 20x bonus from stonecutter.

What do you think about, integrating this tower with the current season's lore? The name of this tower would be Thor, God of Thunder. His attack would be a brutal lightning strike. Prophecy: Rag Nar Rog Thor arrives in Midgard to prevent the end of the world. (next tower drop is Thor) With Thor's arrival Naglfar spawns and slowly approaches your base. When Naglfar reaches the base, it's game over. Naglfar could be insanely strong and take about 200 waves to reach the base. Of course, we would need to add some cool Mjölnir interaction with Thor :-D

Summoning Thor that way does seem cool. He should be able to have lightning on every attack with Mjölnir. I don't see Thor working as a super slow tower. Unless we did something weird: Cowardly Thor. Thor is afraid to fight up close without Mjölnir. He's taken to using a massive crossbow*. When Thor uses Mjölnir, gets an additional attack (range 2, cooldown 2, ~50 base damage) and triggers lightning on every hit. * Chosen Executioner was pictured to use one as well. Winding the crossbow is why the attack is so slow. I don't think I ever mentioned that in the other posts. Edit: I think I understand what you mean now. I was thinking of Thor the warrior in battle. With the lightning attack, this would be more like Thor the blacksmith, god of thunder, as you said.

Right.. A god that doesn't care about the mortals hurries and just moves a bit slower by default. But when he moves, it hits hard :-D

That could work. But I still like my idea of a holy assassin using a giant crossbow to snipe creeps once per wave. I think making the speed bonus based on rounds should balance the tower. It might need some tweaking, but I don't see it being a tower that's built at the end of the bonus round to deal with Vir. Although, if the player has a huge amount of bonus speed from potions, I don't think that's it of the question. I'm not worried about the multicrit bonus running out of control with Beacon because after ~20 multicrit, it's effect is limited by crit chance. Although, making +1/20 levels might work better. Or maybe +1/30 waves. giant ballista

Instead of the speed bonus: Slow and sure: Won't attack more than once per 10 seconds. Instead will meditate before attacking. Each meditation increases damage by 10% (max 10 stacks, +1/level) Instead of the multicrit bonus, the bonus could be: Line up the shot: For each second since the last attack, deal +1% (+0.005%/level) (max 100%) of creep's health as bonus damage. Cease fire (active): Stop attacking until reactivated. - - - - - With these changes, the tower doesn't get any free stats, but gets to kill a creep every ~100 seconds. Hydra arrow, heroic cape will increase the bonus damage. Cease fire would allow challenges to be killed in 1 shot. Right now it's more of a support tower. With higher base damage, it could maybe be a late-game Vir tower. I'm not sure. The Slow And Sure sounds good, but it's actually a huge nerf. Instead of attack speed scaling normally, it only helps 10% as much after the first 400% attack speed. Edit: actually, making the bonus damage from Slow And Sure into this would be better: 10% (+0.1%/level) (max 10 stacks, +1/wave) Now waves gets up to ~500-800 with the bonus round. And with enough beacon of light levels, the attack penalty isn't too strong.