CLT archangel

Name: Archangel Attack: Fal Range: 3 Cooldown: 2.5s Element: Light Gender: Female Ability: Smite : there is a 1%-30%(level99) to instantly killing an enemy(boss will just receive 1/64-1/16 of the target's hp)

for proc chance id go with jillys chance. i think it was 1% (+0.1% per lvl). that hp cut is a good idea. is it for max hp or current hp?

It really depends. Since it's only a common card it can be current HP but if it will be a unique card it can be max hp for the potential to carry the game much better with less drawback building with attack speed and trident of poseidon will be essential if that's the case but I think it will be OP so it really depends on the card rarity

Love the smite idea! Rarity should be higher than common, I'd go for rare, maybe?

Yes andy rare will do specially if smite is in question