[CLT] Crystal

Name: Crystal Attack: vex Damage: 10-21 Range: 2 Cooldown: 2.5s Element: Light Gender: None Ability: Crystallize: For ever light tower that attacks within 1 range it'll gather part of their light and gains 1xp.

I really want the experience gained by towers to be easier, but in this version the tower is too strong. Fields of crystals get 4-5 exp each. The mechanics are interesting, but it is better to make a growing increment of experience, for example, from 0.3 to 2, IMHO.

If it gains XP, is it just for the purpose of getting a tower levelled faster to replace it when it's a higher level?

i'm more of a flat bonus fan than a scaling one. could go with 0.5 (+0.05 per lvl). metro and nature got their own xp towers and darkness doesnt have one so i thought this might be a good idea. it's a replacement tower yes and to keep it being useful for the light deck i made it restricted to it.