CLT Guardsman

Name: Guardsman Attack: 2-10 Range: 3 Cooldown: 2s Element: Light Gender: None Ability: Reinforcement Every Guardsmen in Range adds +2 Baseattack and +5% Luck to the others. Works a little bit like Wolfpack but costs less and is a good for earlygame It could envolve to an officer who boosts all towers in range especially Guardsmen

Good, but why the luck bonus? Afaik, it only affects chance for something to happen.

yes the luckstat is kind of random, attack speed would maybe suit better. Also a nice ability would be if all guardsmen could syncronize their attack. You mark one as a leader and the others shot at the same time on the same target but the leader gets the killshot exp

That would be cool, but maybe a bit broken. Maybe a compromise (if Andy can code this efficiently - if it can even be done efficiently): Every time a superior (a higher exp guardsman in range) attacks, the delay for guardsman's next attack is reduced. Maybe it could be implemented like this: When a guardsman attacks, it reduces the delay for each guardsman with less exp in range by 0.1 sec or something. Edit: Although, to begin with, this would be a pitiful bonus. Maybe the encouragement could scale with the level of the underling? Maybe 1/level seconds? This would speed up weak underlings a lot, but since they don't do much damage anyway, it isn't overpowered, I don't think. Then at level 99 it would only reduce it by 0.01 second, which isn't much, but you'd probably have a lot of speed potions by then anyway.