[Common Light Tower Idea] Gargoyle

Name: Gargoyle Attack: ? Range: 3 Cooldown: 5s Element: Light Gender: Male Flavour Text: Begone, heathen! Ability: Divine Defense Hurtles from his perch to slam into the creep wave. Damaged creeps are knocked back x units. + 0.01 unit knock-back per level

i like the knockback idea but he is way too strong for being a common. he can push back all your creeps and your carry can take his time to kill them or make him the carry directly. if he stays like this its def a unique tower and his knockback needs a chance to proc. unit= one tile? would go with 0.5 tiles per knockback.

Eek, why do I make over-powered towers =.= I wasn't sure the amount of distance in units, but probably one tile would be too much, I agree. What would be a reasonable chance to proc? Similar to Miss Jilly/Beaver perhaps, would make it less over-powered?

Yes, I'd say with a small proc chance (5% maybe?) and knock back on hit instead of damage would be pretty ok for common tier.